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Finding Light in Haiti

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Citadel of Henri Christophe, Cap-Haïtien, Haiti

Beyond the mountains, more mountains” Our guide, Eddie, gestures broadly to the horizon. “That’s a Haitian proverb. It reminds you not to think you are that important; there is always someone greater than you.” Looking out at the mountainous landscape surrounding the ruins of the Citadel of Henri Christophe, I find myself wondering about other interpretations. The land here is beautiful, lush and tropical. The mountains jagged in every direction until the land hits the sea, the Northern Coast of Haiti. Eddie points to where Columbus’s Santa María ran aground, the point of colonization.

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Artifact of Left-wing Parisian Bohemia

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Browsing a tiny vintage shop in the 7th arrondissement  in Paris, France I found this magazine dated December 17, 1904, and titled, L’Assiette au beurre. It was bursting with loose, expressive, caricatures that are clearly politically-minded. Some quick research provides an interesting back-story. The following is the ROUGH Google translation of the Wikipedia article about L’Assiette au beurre.


“L’Assiette au beurre is a French satirical illustrated weekly newspaper open to designers and sensitive to the socialist and anarchist ideas. The first series ran from April 4, 1901 to October 15, 1912 and the title was taken, on a monthly basis between 1921 and 1925. L’ Assiette au beurre differs from most other humorous magazine in its composition. Each issue includes mainly cartoons and caricatures in two or three color and full (or double) page spreads with a minimum of 16 illustrated pages. Sometimes an artist is entrusted with the implementation of a number on a specific topic, making each delivery a real album.”

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1920s German Numerical Typography Porn

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I geek out over antique papers, so it was really exciting to find a slew of 1920s German calendar papers tucked inside an old book in a used bookstore in Munich, Germany. The book (8 euro, quickly purchased) was a German school textbook from 1918 and is itself a work of art — filled with gorgeous illustrations. This collection of inserts was just a bonus. For your drooling pleasure:

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The Slogan & NYC

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The Slogan

On this May trip, we took shelter from a spring rain in the New York Historical Society. A fantastic collection of items large and small from New York’s history. A history rich with war, high society, ethnic diversity, food, and political strife. Some of the more tame political relics are from a time of more civilized democratic discourse, or so we may believe. Campaign buttons, pins and ribbons showcase these political defining points. At the intersection of design and politics we are reminded of the era of the slogan. The word slogan deriving from the Scottish Gaelic word meaning “battle cry”.

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