Our Portland Story Summer Expo

The Museum of Contemporary Craft and Our Portland Story (my story project) announce an exhibit and event series in celebration of community storytelling!

The exposition kicks off with the exhibit, “Cabinet of Curiosity” on view July 23rd – September 7th. “Cabinet” will feature wild, weird and familiar objects pulled straight from the pages of Our Portland Story Volumes 1 &2. Follow up events include everything from an improv show based off Our Portland Story narratives to an investigation of stories associated with place. With all events, we hope to use the power of story to see our city through another’s eyes.


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July 27 |  6pm-8pm
Our Portland Story Summer Exposition : Cabinet of Curiosity

The opening party for an exhibit of the wild, weird and familiar objects pulled straight from the pages of Our Portland Story Volumes 1 &2.  Enjoy a reading by five authors from the newly published Our Portland Story Volume 2, local wine, and live music by local band, Father’s Pocket Watch.

Aug 10 |  1pm – 3pm
Our Portland Story Summer Exposition : In Place

Kids, imagine your perfect place, a place of escape for play or comfort. Could be a fort, playhouse, park, treehouse, hobbit hole or outer space planet. Create your perfect place – in diorama form – using the provided found objects (from S.C.R.A.P.) and arts and crafts materials. Bring your parents and your imagination!

Aug 17 |  1pm – 3pm
Our Portland Story Summer Exposition :
On Cue

A dynamic improv showcase inspired by Our Portland Story and audience prompts brought to you by local improv group horseplaygroundmeat and an additional Portland-inspired comedy line-up brought to you by the Brody Theater.

Aug 24 |  1pm – 3pm
Our Portland Story Summer Exposition : From Memory

Artifacts and everyday heirlooms fill our homes and have special meaning for those who know their stories. Bring an everyday heirloom from home to the museum and take time to put the meaning and the story to paper. Local writing teacher, Scott Landis will provide instructions, prompts or storytelling guidance. Keep a copy of your finished story and leave a copy at the museum to share.

Aug 31 |  1pm – 3pm
Our Portland Story Summer Exposition : On Location

An opening of part 2 of the Our Portland Story exhibit – “On Location”.  This new addition to the exhibit features a large-scale map of important places referenced in Our Portland Story Volume 1 & 2. From locations of favorite dive bars to the spot of a first kiss, all will be geographically revealed. This map is interactive and will be awaiting your contribution. Write or bring a short story about one particular Portland location and place a numbered pin of that location on the map. Leave your story for all museum guests to enjoy and be inspired by!

Sept 7 |  1pm – 3pm (by appointment)
Our Portland Story Summer Exposition : On Record

This is your chance to contribute to the next edition of Our Portland Story! We will have a recording station set up for any who want to schedule a quick 5 minute recording session. You can bring a friend or family member to conduct an interview, or simply record an oral story on your own. Stories should be concise and focus on one aspect of Portland that has meaning to you (a historical event, inspiring person, or perfect place)  Stories chosen for Our Portland Story Volume 3 will be transcribed and an editor may follow up with further requests. You must SCHEDULE an appointment ahead of time to ensure that you will be able to participate!


The MoCC + Our Portland Story Summer Exposition will coincide with the launch of the printed book, Our Portland Story Volume 2 – the second edition of “Portland’s yearbook”.

Huge thanks to Joan Lundell for design and planning support, and to Sarah Margolis-Pineo for her work & support of the Expo!

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