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As a part of the AIGA Portland Design for Good Committee, I lead a collaborative project with The Right Brain Initiative, a non-profit working to weave the arts back into public schools. The result of our three year partnership is Brain Food, an exploratory activity deck for kids. Brain Food is a tool to help teachers and parents ignite creative thinking. It challenges young minds to be curious, to dig deeply into subjects like visual art, performance, and design right alongside math, science, and social studies. Through crafting a pop-up museum, or inventing a new language, kids are encouraged to engage in exciting and rich whole-brain thinking.

Beautifully illustrated by ten local designers, Brain Food can be used at home and in the classroom. These adventures were made for kids, but they’re fit for anyone ready to prompt their own inventive thinking.

All sales directly benefit The Right Brain Initiative’s arts education programming in Portland area public schools.

Brain Food is on sale through Buy Olympia.


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