2014: Portland Designers in the Mad Men Era

2007: Cut & Paste Digital Design Tournament Judges

2012: Brain Food Lab: Prototown

2013: Our Portland Story Summer Expo: Cabinet of Curiosity

2014: Our Portland Story Volume 2 Launch Party

2014: Brain Food Deck in Production


Our Portland Story

A story project


Our Portland Story is a community project that celebrates Portland, Oregon and its people through story and design. Founded in 2008, we have published two books featuring hundreds of local authors and designers. We collect stories about Portland by Portlanders from all walks of life, and pair those stories with local designers to create artful snapshots of the city. In addition to our published books, we host events and experiment with new ways to engage with the community, showcase stories, and create unique connections.

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Brain Food

A project for kids


As a part of the AIGA Portland Design for Good Committee, I lead a collaborative project with The Right Brain Initiative, a non-profit working to weave the arts back into public schools. The result of our three year partnership is Brain Food, an exploratory activity deck for kids. Brain Food is a tool to help teachers and parents ignite creative thinking. It challenges young minds to be curious, to dig deeply into subjects like visual art, performance, and design right alongside math, science, and social studies. Through crafting a pop-up museum, or inventing a new language, kids are encouraged to engage in exciting and rich whole-brain thinking.

Brain Food is on sale through Buy Olympia. All sales directly benefit The Right Brain Initiative’s arts education programming in Portland area public schools.

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Our Portland Story Summer Expo

An Exhibit Project


In addition to Our Portland Story’s published works (Volume 1 & Volume 2), I partnered with the Museum of Contemporary Craft in 2013 to create “Our Portland Story Summer Expo,” an exhibition and event series at the museum.

The exposition kicked off with the exhibit, “Cabinet of Curiosity” which featured wild, weird and familiar objects pulled straight from the pages of Our Portland Story Volumes 1 & 2. Follow up events included everything from an improv show based off Our Portland Story narratives to an investigation of stories associated with place. We experimented with new ways to engage with the community, showcase Our Portland Story, and create unique experiences.

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Within 1 Mile

A Walk & Draw Project


Within 1 Mile is a near-weekly walk and draw project that allows me to explore small and large details of the North Portland Overlook neighborhood I call home. All drawings are done on the spot with my adorable pup, Rawley in tow.

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Portland Designers in the Mad Men Era

A Design History Project


In an effort to reconnect with the designers of the past, I organized an event as a part of Design Week Portland to showcase the work of three late great Portland designers.

The event and exhibit showcased the work of Byron Ferris, Bennet Norrbo, and Charles Politz, three men whose careers overlapped, who influenced each other and yet left their mark in distinctly different ways. They worked to develop some of Portland’s biggest brands like Jantzen and Pendleton — defining the city’s stake in outdoor and athletic wear.

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Brain Food Lab: Prototown

A Project for Kids


Together with The Right Brain Initiative and Museum of Contemporary Craft, my AIGA Portland volunteer team inspired kids to build the ultimate prototype for a new city. We asked kids: “What kinds of places do you like to go?” “What place hasn’t been invented yet?” “How will people get from place to place?” Using scrap materials and art supplies, museum visitors made their own creations and added them to our evolving proto-city.

This experiment in city creation resided at the Museum of Contemporary Craft for a three month period.

Cut & Paste

An Event Project


I initiated and led a team to bring the global design competition, Cut & Paste, to Portland in 2007. We had over 700 creatives turn out at the Wonder Ballroom to watch and celebrate live action design. Competitors illustrated on the spot, within a time limit and under a theme. DJs spun, judges judged and design heroes were crowned.

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