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of Melissa Delzio, an independent designer in Portland, Oregon

Zue Beauty

Interactive Design + Creative Direction

Witness to Guantanamo

Digital Design + Branding

Label Design: Anatraf

Design Volunteer Work in Haiti

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Marriott Travel Game

User Interface Design, Illustration

Portland Mercado

Exhibit Design, Infographics

EcoTrust Future Economy

EcoTrust Future Economy

Editorial Illustration

Take Part Infographic

Infographic, Illustration

Uprooted Exhibit

Interactive Design, Exhibit Design


Logo Design

OMSI: Roots of Wisdom

Exhibit Design, Logo Design

Our Portland Story

Book Design, Creative Direction, Publishing


Branding, Advertising, Signage Interactive Infographic

Interactive Design, Illustration

PSU Political Archives Website

Interactive Design

OMSI: Renewable Energy Exhibit

Branding, Exhibit Design

Typography Collection

Variety of Clients

Our Portland Story Summer Expo

Exhibit Design

Album Cover

Illustration, Packaging Design

Let’s talk about money!

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Freelance Breakdown đź’µ In America it’s a rather taboo topic. As an independent designer for over 7 years, I often don’t have a good grasp of what my career looks like from a monetary perspective (leading to the yearly tax season surprise!). Without understanding and managing expectations about money, it’s…

Finding Light in Haiti

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“Beyond the mountains, more mountains” Our guide, Eddie, gestures broadly to the horizon. “That’s a Haitian proverb. It reminds you not to think you are that important; there is always someone greater than you.” Looking out at the mountainous landscape surrounding the ruins of the Citadel of Henri Christophe, I…

Portland Design in the 1960s: Marilyn Holsinger

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Marvelous Marilyn. That’s what they called her at Portland’s influential freelancers collective, Studio 1030, where Marilyn Holsinger was the group’s only woman artist in 1960. Marilyn was marvelous by all accounts, but also a serious career woman. She held 11 design positions across 40 years and three states. She worked…